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Since 1980, Grover Pro has been making some of the world’s finest percussion products. Our instruments can be heard on major motion picture soundtracks, in Broadway pits, on top hit recordings, and in virtually every symphony orchestra in the world.

Our state-of-the-art facility outside of Boston allows us to manufacture your drum to unparalleled standards. During production, you will receive status updates and a personalized video of your specific drum being machined in our CNC Drum Shell Machining Center.

Our master craftsmen not only understand every aspect of drum construction, but, as drummers, understand the artistic goals musicians like you strive for.

Before leaving our factory, your drum will be precisely tuned and tested. Each drum made here has my name on it, and, as a demanding professional, I don’t let any drum leave our shipping dock until I’m satisfied that it is manufactured to the same high standard I demand for my own personal drums.

So, if you’re like me and care about American-made quality and world-class sound, contact us, and let’s discuss working together!

—Neil Grover




My new Grover custom snare arrived last Thursday in perfect condition. It looks as beautiful as it sounds, and I am completely in love with the wood hoops. Cross stick patterns are super fun to play and sound great. The drum sound is open and warm, yet bright and very responsive, even near the edges. The build quality is top notch – and far exceeds that seen from the major drum companies.

Grover’s customer service is also worthy of significant praise. You provided excellent support from the initial correspondences all the way through to the final shipment. I especially enjoyed the progress updates, the production video, and the final pictures on the website. In my opinion, Grover’s prices are also very competitive with other custom drum manufacturers.

Thank you all very much!

Jill Csekitz

My drum arrived and is beautiful! I am thrilled with the quality – thank you so much. It sounds good right out of the box…

Paul Buyer
Clemson University

As an independent drummer that performs in various environments, I’m very picky when it comes to my equipment. Grover Custom Drums definitely surpasses standards in craftsmanship, appearance, sound, quick and reliable service, and price! Trust me when I say, you WON’T be disappointed!

J-Dog The Drummer

The 6.5 10-ply Maple Snare Drum is a Beast of a drum!

As a working drummer it performs beautifully in ALL playing settings. Sensitive and crisp in a small soft jazz environment, strong and powerful with great projection when playing heavy in an R&B or Big Band situation. Also the Grover snares are good and tight to the bottom head…leaves very little vibration when surrounded by other instruments. Best snare drum I ever had!

Hats off to everyone at Grover Percussion!

Jackie Browne

I’m really happy to let you know I have received my snare drum. I’m really amazed by the craftsmanship and the fact that the drum is really tuned to be ready for the stage straight out of the box! I can’t thank you guys at Grover enough for making my dream come true. This is awesome. Can’t wait to hit the stage with this new baby of mine!

Anson Koh

When I designed this drum I had one goal in mind: something completely different from the other snares in my collection. I decided on trying to recreate an old vintage drum with a deep fundamental and dry overtones. With rounded bearing edges and wood hoops the drum has a very dry character, which allows the deep overtones to come through without all of the harshness that can come with more modern designs.

Grover’s incredible attention to detail and quality craftsmanship took my idea and turned it into reality and it is truly an incredible drum. Not only does it have the sound I was initially looking for but it has a huge variety of sounds I can get from it depending on tuning/muffling. I have used it in the studio in Nashville and on the road and the result has been the same. Every single musician and engineer I have worked with have simply flipped for this drum. Also, it stands out visually as something unique which catches the attention of producers and engineers. I highly recommend Grover snares! I can’t wait to order another one!

Dave Dykstra
Nashville Session Musician

Besides the fact that it looks like a million dollars, it also sounds like a million dollars. The wood hoops are great for side stick playing. The Trick throw-off makes for some very intricate fine tuning of the snare sound. I especially loved the fact that it came out of the box ready to be played, so I haven’t had to mess with the tuning yet. This snare is now going to be my primary snare out of the six snares that I own.

The bass player on the first gig I played with this snare even commented on how warm the snare sounded. He said he loved how mellow and dark the sound was, not too bright. A past student of mine said he especially loved the textures; it’s dark in the middle, but when you play rimshots or close to the rim you actually get some nice high pitched Carlton “Carly” Barrett-like reggae shots. I LOVE IT!!!

Kazi McCoy

Neil and Dave,

I cannot thank you both enough for the amazing snare drum! I received it last week and I cannot stop playing it! It is making me practice 🙂 Please extend my appreciation to the guys in the shop. They have done a marvelous job on this instrument. It is unbelievably crisp and responsive. I did replace the existing snares with the SX to darken it up a little and I am extremely pleased.

Bobby Lopez

My Grover Custom Snare was love at first sight…and listen! Grover is quality and perfection…’nuff said!

Jonny Davidson