Butch Buckner Testimonial

Hello! My name is Butch “Dr.” Buckner, and I have been a professional musician for over 15 years. My career has taken me across the United States playing various music styles and venues, and I need the proper tools to support and advance those efforts. Product research and contact with the various drum manufacturers led me to the conclusion that Grover drums were the best and most logical choice in upgrading my tools of the trade. Upon selecting Grover drums and talking with their Artist Relations representative, I was informed of the new Grover Custom division of the company and decided it was time to make that custom drum kit that every drummer dreams about making from the day they started. My dream came true to be able to create my own personal, perfect kit, and for them to build it to those exact specifications. The company was very hands-on and helpful in guiding the decisions in the customization process. The creation of this beautiful instrument was completed quickly, executed accurately, and delivered to my door in perfect condition. I am sure that anyone who buys something online is nervous about how it will actually be when it comes out of the boxes. Needless to say, she was perfect, packaged well, and unblemished. Since her arrival, I have played this beautiful instrument in recording studios, large and small venues across the country, performing a variety of music styles; and I have come to the conclusion that this is the finest drum set I have ever played in my 36 years as a drummer.

The innovative features and craftsmanship set this kit far ahead of the rest. My custom kit is 6 pieces consisting of 10, 12, 14, and 16-inch toms, a G3 innovative snare, and a 22-inch kick drum. The custom finish is charcoal black with prominent wood grain, fading to its natural wood color. All the hardware is gunmetal black; and I requested tube lugs, which give the kit a Civil War-era look. And a bonus that I didn’t expect: she came with Remo heads and Gibraltar hardware. The most innovative part of the kit is the G3 Grover Custom snare drum and its unique throw-off system created by the genius craftsmen at Grover. With the interchangeable snares and snare combinations, I have a wide range of snare sounds rolled up into one drum, which eliminates the need to lug additional drums to the studio! This drum set allows me to cover all the musical styles a musician needs. It has a very warm feel for jazz, a loud canon sound for metal, and it covers the spectrum in between. It is a true pleasure not only to play this instrument, but to hear it in the studio as well. It really is the best sounding kit, and the best company to work with, that any professional musician could hope for. For any drummer seeking a dream kit, Grover’s attentive and knowledgeable staff will take your exact specifications and guide you in making your instrument come to life

I would like to thank Neil Grover and all of the Grover family for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful company. I feel immense pride taking the drums out of the case. To hear them in action drives home the certainty that I made the right choice with Grover Pro Percussion and Grover Custom. I like to think of this fine instrument as a Samurai sword – it stays in the cases and only comes out to draw blood. Thank you Grover!

P.S. I am already coming up with my new snare drum idea and I can’t wait to see how Grover makes it a reality.


Butch Buckner