Grover Custom Drum
Drum ID: GCD-12-046109
Shell: 8-ply Maple
Date Created: 16-Aug-2012
Dimensions: 8 x 14"
Finish: One-off / Other
Internal Finish: Sealer
Bearing Edges: Double 45°
Inlay: None
Top Rim: 2.3mm Triple-flange (Black Chrome)
Bottom Rim: 2.3mm Triple-flange (Black Chrome)
Lugs: Classic Tube (Black Chrome) - single-ended
Lug Alignment: Inline
Throw-off: G1
Snare Extension: No
Snare Wires: Club Bright

This drum has a one-off red ligna veneer. We all pretended to be Vinnie Paul whilst thwacking it with the back end of a big, fat stick…