Grover Custom Drum
Drum ID: GCD-13-047540
Shell: Solid Cocobolo
Date Created: 19-Apr-2013
Dimensions: 6 x 14"
Finish: High Gloss Natural
Internal Finish: Sealer
Bearing Edges: Double 45°
Inlay: None
Top Rim: Die-cast (Black Chrome)
Bottom Rim: Die-cast (Black Chrome)
Lugs: Bow Tie (Black Chrome)
Lug Alignment: N/A
Throw-off: G1
Snare Extension: No
Snare Wires: Club Bright

You’d think that if you’d made as many drums as we have that you wouldn’t find yourself enraptured by your latest creation. We’re not too proud to admit that that was the case with this drum.

(Don’t worry, we cleaned all the drool off!)