Grover Custom Drum
Drum ID: GCD-13-047779
Shell: Solid Purpleheart
Date Created: 1-Nov-2013
Dimensions: 5.5 x 14"
Finish: High Gloss Natural
Internal Finish: Sound Mirror™
Bearing Edges: Double 45°
Inlay: None
Top Rim: Die-cast (Black Chrome)
Bottom Rim: Die-cast (Black Chrome)
Lugs: Contempo Tube (Black Chrome)
Lug Alignment: N/A
Throw-off: G1
Snare Extension: No
Snare Wires: Club Bright

I’m really happy to let you know I have received my snare drum. I’m really amazed by the craftsmanship and the fact that the drum is really tuned to be ready for the stage straight out of the box! I can’t thank you guys at Grover enough for making my dream come true. This is awesome. Can’t wait to hit the stage with this new baby of mine!

Anson Koh