Grover Custom Drum
Drum ID: GCD-13-048282
Shell: 10-ply Maple
Date Created: 25-Oct-2013
Dimensions: 6.5 x 14"
Finish: High Gloss Natural
Internal Finish: Sealer
Bearing Edges: Double 45°
Inlay: None
Top Rim: Die-cast (Black Chrome)
Bottom Rim: Die-cast (Black Chrome)
Lugs: Classic Tube (Black Chrome) - single-ended
Lug Alignment: Inline
Throw-off: G1
Snare Extension: No
Snare Wires: Club Bright

The 6.5 10-ply Maple Snare Drum is a Beast of a drum!

As a working drummer it performs beautifully in ALL playing settings. Sensitive and crisp in a small soft jazz environment, strong and powerful with great projection when playing heavy in an R&B or Big Band situation. Also the Grover snares are good and tight to the bottom head…leaves very little vibration when surrounded by other instruments. Best snare drum I ever had!

Hats off to everyone at Grover Percussion!

Jackie Browne