Grover Custom Drum
Drum ID: GCD-14-049350
Shell: 10-ply Maple
Date Created: 20-Jun-2014
Dimensions: 6.5 x 14"
Finish: High Gloss Mahogany
Internal Finish: Sealer
Bearing Edges: Double 45°
Inlay: None
Top Rim: Wood
Bottom Rim: Wood
Lugs: Bow Tie (Black Chrome)
Lug Alignment: N/A
Throw-off: G1
Snare Extension: No
Snare Wires: Club Bright

Besides the fact that it looks like a million dollars, it also sounds like a million dollars. The wood hoops are great for side stick playing. The Trick throw-off makes for some very intricate fine tuning of the snare sound. I especially loved the fact that it came out of the box ready to be played, so I haven’t had to mess with the tuning yet. This snare is now going to be my primary snare out of the six snares that I own.

The bass player on the first gig I played with this snare even commented on how warm the snare sounded. He said he loved how mellow and dark the sound was, not too bright. A past student of mine said he especially loved the textures; it’s dark in the middle, but when you play rimshots or close to the rim you actually get some nice high pitched Carlton “Carly” Barrett-like reggae shots. I LOVE IT!!!

Kazi McCoy