Drum Heads

We offer Remo® Mylar drum heads in Diplomat (1-ply, 7.5-mil), Ambassador (1-ply, 10-mil), and Emperor (2-ply, 2 x 7-mil) weights. We also offer natural calfskin batter heads for those who want an authentic, vintage sound and feel.

Upon special request, we can provide other brands/models for an additional charge. Contact us for details.


An internal badge will identify your Grover Custom drum as being manufactured expressly for you or a person of your choosing. As a truly custom-made drum, the badge will contain a unique serial number and date of manufacture.

Production Video

As part of the Grover Custom purchase experience, you will receive a unique video of your personal drum shell being precision-machined to specification in our CNC Drum Shell Machining Center. Share the video with your friends and family, just to let them know that you are one of the few lucky enough to soon be playing a genuine Grover Custom Snare!