External Finishes

NOTE: The thumbnails below are low-resolution representations of finishes. Actual finishes may vary slightly from what you see depending on your display settings and the composition of the shell to which the finish is applied.

All finishes available in High Gloss or Satin sheen.

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Internal Finishes

We are the ONLY drum company to offer 4 distinct internal finish options.

MYTH: Drum resonance is produced by the actual vibration of the drum shell.

The TRUTH is that the primary function of the shell is that of an acoustic resonating chamber. A resonating chamber reflects sound waves. It is the reflective properties of the wall inside the shell which determine how the sound waves will travel through the drum.

The top (batter) head is struck, it vibrates, producing a complex amalgam of sound waves that transmit through the resonating chamber (shell cavity) and hit the bottom (snare) head. The sympathetic resonance (vibration) of the bottom head against the snare wires produces the distinctive sound we all recognize as a snare drum.


  • Raw
    No finish absorbs upper harmonic waves, which emphasizes the natural warmth of the wood shell.
  • Tung Oil
    Allows the sound waves to be partially absorbed and reflected, which enhances the characteristic sound properties of the wood shell.
  • Sealer
    Creates a hard, reflective surface that rebounds more of the higher overtones. The result is an increase in high-frequency response.
  • Sound Mirror™
    grovercustom_options_finish_sound-mirrorA super-hard, silver-colored coating that is dense and highly reflective. This finish mimics the surface of metal, resulting in a drum that is both bright and powerful.


Add a decorative touch with a premium, furniture-grade wood inlay. Available in single or double.



Brazilian Rosewood / Sapeli