Rims (Counterhoops)

Rims function to tension the head around the bearing edge of the shell. In order to exert consistent pressure down on the head, a good rim will be both level and rigid. When choosing rims it is important to remember that their physical properties (i.e., composition and mass) have an impact on the overall sound profile of the drum.


  • Triple-flange: Chrome / Black Chrome
    Available on all drums.
    Our sturdy 2.3-mm steel rims are precisely rolled and formed from high-grade steel. These rims are lighter in mass than heavy-duty die-cast rims. If you prefer an open sound with rim shots that produce a bright, powerful “crack” you should consider using triple-flange rims.

  • Die-cast: Chrome / Black Chrome
    Top rim available on all drums.
    Bottom rim available on 13- and 14-in diameter drums only.

    Die-cast rims are more rigid and have more mass than triple-flange rims, which makes for very stable and precise tuning. The extra mass of the die-casting delivers more of a warm and focused sound when compared to drums with triple-flanged hoops.

  • Wood
    Available on 14-in diameter drums only.
    Wood rims are crafted from vertically oriented laminated maple. Their great strength and rigidity helps with even tuning, yet their lighter weight-to-mass ratio allows the drum to have a naturally warm resonance. Rim shots and cross-sticks have a very focused, woody sound.



We offer 4 distinctive lug styles that are not only highly functional but add clean, attractive styling to your custom drum. Each one of our lugs is precisely fabricated to close tolerances for a perfect, tight fit. All lugs are isolated from the drum shell by a matching synthetic plinth.

  • Toaster
    A small-footprint, single-ended die-cast lug whose profile reminds us of ’50s era toasters.

  • Bow Tie
    A mini-footprint, double-ended machined lug with a contemporary flair that will match your most formal neck accoutrement!

  • Classic Tube Lug: Chrome / Black Chrome
    A small-footprint machined lug popular on drums made in the ’20s, ’30s, and ’40s.
    Available in single- and double-ended versions.


  • Contempo Tube Lug
    A sleek, double-ended machined lug that is a modern version of the classic tube lug. The profile is designed to match the contour of our die-cast rims.



Lug Alignment

For drums with single-ended lugs, you can choose your alignment.

  • Inline
    Stacked in a traditional, classic looking style.

  • Symmetrical Offset
    Bottom row is rotated to create an equilateral offset. Creates clean lines with a contemporary look.

  • Asymmetrical Offset
    Bottom row is offset just enough to clear the top row of lugs. The look is eye-catching and unusual!